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Do you find yourself exiting your winning trades way to early? Do you find yourself guessing what size lots to enter the trade in order to keep your risk to a certain amount, and at times by mistake risking a lot more than you intended? Do you let your emotions interfere with your trade management? if so, then the iFT ATMS Pro may be just the tool for you to take your trading to a whole new level!

What is the ATMS?

iFT Automated Trade Management System is a sophisticated software that works with MT4 platforms that automates the management of Forex and CFD trading based on the proprietary professional trailing management strategies used and taught at iFundTraders Forex program.

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Introducing the iSAP
  Are you getting frustrated sitting in front of the computer for hours waiting for the event you are looking for? do you wish someone can watch the screens for you and call you to look at the charts when something of interest is happening so you can be more productive and do other things at the same time? If so, then the iSAP may be just the tool you have been looking for to take your trading to a whole new level!

What is the iSAP?

The iSAP (iFT Scan and Alert Pro) is an advanced Forex scanner that works with Meta-Trader4 platforms. The iSAP scanner identifies chart patterns and setups used by the professional iFundTraders Master Forex Traders and then alerts traders when these events occur by voice and sound alerts, email, and labels on the charts. The iSAP has unique sophisticated algorithms that can also report "anticipated events" when the iFundTraders setups are likely to occur even BEFORE the candles complete forming the setups, thus giving traders more time to prepare for possible entries and not missing them.

The iSAP also scans and alerts for important single bar events such as topping tails and bull/bear elephant bars that occur in KEY LOCATIONS on the charts, thus helping traders focus their attention on these areas when analyzing the charts.

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