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Please check our support section for information on how to install and use the ATMS and iSAP.

ATMS free training and support webinars are provided by iFundtraders. During the webinars you can get assistance with ATMS and iSAP installation, learn the features and use of the ATMS and iSAP, and ask the moderators questions.  The schedule for the next ATMS and iSAP free webinar can be found at the iFundTrader's Event Calendar




Contact us by email:



Technical support for the ATMS and iSAP is now managed by iFundTraders support.  If you need technical assistance with the ATMS or iSAP, please email support@smartest-trading.com


If you need assistance with a billing issue, please email: billing@smartest-trading.com

For sales department: sales@smartest-trading.com

All other questions:  general@smartest-trading.com



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