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What is the iFT ATMS Pro?

iFT Automated Trade Management System is a sophisticated software that automates the management of Forex and CFD trading based on the proprietary trailing management strategies of Oliver L. Velez, the very same tactics used and taught at iFundTraders Forex program. The ATMS with its many tools, can help traders reach better trading consistancy, keep to thier intended risk per trade,  keep to their trading plan and have the ATMS manage the trades automatically potentially for hours or days freeing the traders from the need to watch the trades for hours.  The ATMS runs on MT4 platforms. 

Chima Burey discusses the benefits of the iFT ATMS Pro and some of its features

Some Key Benefits & Features of the iFT ATMS Pro:

Money management tools: the iFT ATMS PRO has several built in money management tools to aid the trader in money management, one of the most important areas of trading crucial for trading success.
Automatic lot size allocation: the iFT ATMS PRO lets the user predefine the maximum amount (in US dollars) the trader is willing to risk in a given trade (the R-Value of the trade). Then, when the trader starts a new trade, the ATMS automatically calculates the lot sizes based on the intended risk, entry levels and stop-loss levels specified by the trader. and places the appropriate buy and sell orders, allowing the trader to trade graphically from the chart, and focus on the chart analysis.   
Automatic trailing strategies: the iFT ATMS PRO uses the proprietary trailing strategies of Oliver Velez, used and taught at iFundTraders Forex program. The iFT ATMS Pro provides ability to manage part or all of the trade positions by trailing automatically using the bar-by-bar or unique simple-moving-average (SMA) based trailing strategies of Oliver Velez. Many traders find that due to fear of losing, they close their winning trades too early, and miss a much larger winning potential. The ATMS helps traders avoid doing that when they let the ATMS trail out the positions for them. Many traders find that once they do the analysis and find a good trade entry, they setup the targets and trailing strategies and then can free themselves from the anxiety of watching their profit and loss goes up and down. They just step away from the computer and let the ATMS manage their trade with better results over time.
The ATMS Pro includes the "modify stop-loss" script, that allows to change the SL of the different positions graphically on the charts.  The ATMS displays the estimated overall risk of the trade in US$ before executing the SL change. This helps traders plan their risk-reward for the trade, and avoid changing the SL for trades in a way that may result in unintentional large loss per given trade.
Ability to allocate different parts of the trade for different trailing strategies or set take profit levels (that can be adjusted graphically on the chart).
The iFT ATMS PRO provides enhanced Graphical User Interface that greatly promotes the trader's control of many of the trade elements, and also provides key information about the trade in an easy-to-see fashion.
Ability to automatically move the stop-loss into break even (or other predefined number of pips from entry), once currency pair has reached a certain price.  
Each of the positions of the iFT ATMS PRO is opened as a separate order, creating maximum flexibility as it allows the trader to take manual control over part of the trade, while letting the iFT ATMS PRO manage the rest of the positions.
The iFT ATMS PRO uses a “Smart-Labeling” system. The iFT ATMS PRO marks on the chart the entry and exits of different trade positions with arrow heads. It connects the entry and exits with trend lines. The ATMS PRO also adds labels describing the strategies of the entries and exits of different positions. These labels are re-drawn on the chart automatically when changing the chart's time-frames, so that the labels are automatically spaced below and above the appropriate bars in the different time-frames. The Smart-labeling system automatically keeps on the chart the last 20-30 trades. When reaching the 30th trade it erases the first 10 trades. This feature makes it easy for the trader to go back to the chart, and analyze prior trades in order to enhance the learning experience.


The following testimonials have been made by other traders using the iFT ATMS Pro:

Bruce T. (USA):  "Dear Smartest-trading, I am very pleased to give a well deserved testimonial for one good reason; it has made a huge difference in my trading! I have been trading for a little over 2 years, but was consistently unprofitable. Over time, and with a lot of ift class instruction, I became fairly good at finding good trades, but I was terrible at managing them. I tried anything/everything that our terrific instructors advised, but I could not make headway and overcome this aspect of discipline. I would cut my winners short, and let my losers run! Since using the ATMS, I have turned the corner and am now profitable consistently for the first time. And the biggest surprise benefit; I have much more confidence now. This has been a tremendous win for me, because after trading so much better with the ATMS, I realized just how low my trading confidence had sunk. I now recognize that I became afraid to trade due to my consistent losses. This was not a mind-set for profitable trading. Now I am finally a profitable trader. End of discussion! What more could a failing trader ask for! Plus, it's easy to use, and I am not a tech-savvy trader. The tech support is great, from the ift classes to the video tutorials , to the online live support. Thanks for a fine product. Sincerely, Bruce T"
Danilo C. (Brazil): "I use [the] ATMS [for] a long time... The tool is fantastic!"
C Campbell (USA): "What can I say ..." I love the ATMs Tool"! It is the perfect combination of automation and human intervention for me! It's like having my own personal trading assistant to manage my trade after I've analyzed and entered the trade. The ATMs tool enhanced my trading by instantly forcing me to follow discipline in executing the trading and trailing techniques outlined in my trading plan. Three Hip Hip HOORAHS!!! for the Automatized Trading Management System!" C. Campbell
Reginald Ringgold: "The ATMS has changed my whole approach to trading.  It had simplified my trading life and allows me to spend more time with my family instead of staring at the charts all day.  It has allowed me to understand how to set better realistic targets.  It makes my trades execution way easier because at one click of your mouse I can place multiple lots on a position at one time, instead of manually entering each lot.  The thing I love most is I can adjust my targets on each lot at the same time which saves me time and when trying to enter into a position as fast as possible.  I love the trail the 8 and the Bar by Bar exit strategies that the ATMS implements, it is priceless.  I cannot put tin words how valuable it is to be able to risk 10-20 pips on a trade and gain 100 pips all just from using the trail the 8 MA exit strategy.  Not only has the ATMS simplified my trading life but I found myself stuck and the level I was at in the advancement table at iFT, since I have been using the ATMS I have been advancing through the levels like never before.  I cannot imagine trading without it and would recommend it to any trader regardless what level their at with their trading".
Kim (USA): "The ATMS did the impossible for me in a very short trailing out using the 8ma.  It also prevents my emotions from getting involved far better than my trading plan.  It is an excellent program and very flexible.  It definitely helped me advance to the next level.  I can't imagine trading without it.  It creates good habits without having to leave a lot of money on the table if one relied on experience alone".
Ken Shafarman (USA): "The ATMS system has had a positive impact on my trading an my lifestyle.  By trailing on the 8SMA with a portion of my trades through the ATMS system I have made more pips and money than I otherwise would have manually.  It's also helped me make progress towards conquering some of my biggest demons with patience and discipline, which have caused me to screw up some beautiful trades in the past.   In addition, it's also allowed me to take overnight trades more confidently and allowed me to literally go to sleep without feeling the need to 'babysit' my trades.  Knowing that once my TP1 target has been hit and the stop loss on my remaining lots will automatically be moved to breakeven plus 1, has been a big relief.  I tend to spend lots of TITC (time in the chair), but some of that time has seriously cut into my alertness;  ATMS has actually allowed me to reduce the quantity of time while increasing the quality of my time trading". 
R. Rose (USA): "Great tool for trading Forex. The only way to trade if you'd like to get some sleep or get away from the monitor while trading Forex. Pick your trade, set your targets and let it and your profits run". R. Rose
Holger, Przesdzienk (Germany): "I work with the standard 3 trades as it is given in the demo. It is great because it shows me the stops and the targets"... "But when I see that, when it reaches TP1, the risk is out for the last 2 trade I became calm. I must learn many things about the ATMS but in my eyes it is a wonderful tool".
J. Rios (USA): "The ATMS has proven to be a highly sophisticated EA, handles every type of system no matter how complex with its multiple exit strategies. Once learned it is easy to set up and what's best is it automatically calculates your risk. I can go to sleep knowing the ATMS is on the job taking care of my trades. Thank you ATMS team for your efforts on always looking for ways to improve it while offering continued support."
D. Chai (USA): "As a beginner student it's so cool to be able to have these new features... I've been concentrating on practicing my entries so the ATMS has been a big help to manage the trades after the entry"
Thomas Barkawitz   (CA, USA): "Thanks much and great job on your programming. I have worked with a lot of ea's over the years and love how solid and reliable the ATMS is." 
Robert Beard: "As for computers, I'm a real duffer. But when I called upon smartest-trading support for help, the response was immediate, on the mark, and amazingly patient. You're the best!"

Have you tried the iFT ATMS Pro? We would love to hear your experience with it. Please email your testimonial to

The ATMS also has some unique features to assist traders participating in the iFundTraders prop program with money management.  click here to learn more.

The recommended and tested platform used is the WealthTraderFX Pro, but we have traders using the ATMS on other MT4 platforms as well.  The ATMS does not follow FIFO (first in-first-out) rule restriction, and it does support hedging. Traders can place trades on same currency pair going long and short at the same time having the ATMS manage each of these trades independently.

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