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Below are commonly asked questions and answers about the iFT ATMS Pro, organized by topic. 

1.  ATMS Trial and Subscriptions

2. Installation

3. ATMS Training

4. ATMS Setup

5. ATMS Settings

6. Trade Management

7.  Error Messages

1. ATMS Trial and Subscriptions

Q: Do I have to pay anything for the free trial of the iFT ATMS Pro?

A: No. It is absolutely free. We are confident in the quality of our product, and are sure that once you try it, you would like to continue using it, and therefore are offering free trials of our products.  You have NO OBLIGATIONS however to buy a subscription for the products once you try it.

Q: How much does it cost to use the iFT ATMS beyond the free trial?

A: The use of the iFT ATMS Pro is with subscription only.  Subscription cost is available here.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

A: Yes. Your subscription payments are managed via PayPal.  Just login to your paypal account and cancel your subscription.  Alternatively, login to Smartest-Trading members area.  Go to "My Account"-> "Subscription Status" and press the "Unsubscribe" button.  You would not incur any additional subscription costs once you cancel your subscription.

2. Installation

Q: Can I install the iFT ATMS Pro on any MT-4 platform?

A: Yes. Starting from version 2.2.0, the ATMS can be installed on any MT4 platform.   The iFT ATMS was specifically customized to the WealthTrader FX Pro meta-trader platform, which is the tested and recommneded broker.  However we have traders who use the ATMS on other MT4 platforms as well.   Please note that   To get a free WealthTraderFX platform follow this link.  

Q: Does the ATMS follow the First In First Out (FIFO) rule? 

A: No.

Q: Does the ATMS allow hedging? 

A: Yes.  Traders can place trades on same currency pair going long and short at the same time having the ATMS manage each of these trades independently.  

Q: I would like to install the ATMS on more than one WealthTrader FX Pro (or another) platform, can I do that?

A: With one iFT ATMS Pro installer, the ATMS installer can be installed on ONE WealthTrader FX Pro platform PER COMPUTER.  Please download installer 2 and installer 3 to install the ATMS on second and third WealthTrader FX Pro platforms on a single computer. 

Q: Can I install the iFT ATMS Pro on more than one computer?

A: Yes. There is no restrictions on the number of computers you can install the iFT ATMS Pro.  The license would be restricted to the account number.

Q: I installed the ATMS, but I don't see it in the navigator window?

A: Probably, when you are running the installer, you are not selecting the correct directory for the WealthTrader Platform that you are using. Try uninstalling the ATMS. Then try to reinstall the ATMS again. When you install the ATMS, during the installation process, when it asks you during the installation process to select the WealthTraderFX Pro directory, make sure you browse and select the actual directory of the platform that you are using (rather than the default) before clicking next on the installer.  This process is shown in the installation video of the iSAP.

Q: I am running on a demo account on my MT4 platform. Where can I found the account number so I can register it with the ATMS?

A: When you are logged in to your MT4 platform, your account number could be seen in the Navigator window as seen below: 

account in mt4

3. ATMS Training

Q: How can I learn more about using the iFT ATMS?

A: There are several resources available to learn more about the use of the iFT ATMS:

1. Once you register for an iFT ATMS trial, you would have access to the iFT ATMS user manual, which is an extensive illustrated document that explains in detail the use of the iFT ATMS. 

2. In addition, there is a Skype group dedicated to the iFT ATMS, where users can chat to other iFT ATMS users and moderators, and find answers to many of their questions.

3. In the members area (once you login to smartest-trading), please look in the support page, and follow the link to the tutorials. There you would find a tutorials with text and video explaining the use of the ATMS.

4. iFundTraders is holding ATMS clinics, usually at least once a week, where traders can chat with moderators in one of iFundTraders Omnovia Rooms, and learn more about the use of the iFT ATMS Pro. Please check the 'support' page in smartest-trading members area (after logging-in), or check the schedule with iFundTraders (www.iFundTraders.com)


4. ATMS Setup

Q: Does the iFT ATMS EA has to be installed on every chart?

A: The iFT ATMS has to be installed on every chart that you want to take trades with the ATMS.

Q: Do I need to create a different chart for each time frame of a particular currency?

A: No.  That is not necessary.  Once you have an iFT ATMS on a chart, you can change the time-frame of the chart.  You can even change the time-frame of the chart in a middle of a trade.  The iFT ATMS would continue managing the chart according to the time-frame that the chart was on AT THE TIME THE TRADE WAS INITIATED.

Q: Can I change the time-frame of the trade of the SMA trail and bar-by-bar trail after the trade was initiated?

A: No.  Once you have an iFT ATMS on a chart, you can change the time-frame of the chart, to VIEW the trade on different time-frames.  However, the ATMS will continue to manage the trade on the original time-frame that the trade was first started on.  That time-frame is displayed in the ATMS console.  Changing the time-frame of the chart will NOT affect the management of the trade.

Q: Can I change a position in the middle of a trade from one strategy to another? for example from SMA trail to bar-by-bar trail?

A: No.  Once the trade was initiated, the positions are fixed.  This is done to help traders practice discipline, and stick with their trading plans.

Q: Can I change meta-trader4 profiles in a middle of a trade?

A: No.  Once you change a profile, the previous profile is suspended by meta-trader, and the ATMS would not be running. 

Q: Can I change a chart template in the middle of a trade?

A: No.  That would could you to lose the ATMS trade, and you would need to manage that trade manually.  

Q: Can I have the iFT ATMS Pro pick up a trade that I started manually.

A: No.  This option is not supported by this version of the product at this time.

Q: Does my computer have to be turned on for the ATMS to work?

A:  yes.  The computer and your MT4 platform has to be turned on in order for the ATMS to work.  Also, you must maintain your internet connection. Otherwise the ATMS would not be able to send the orders to your broker's order server. 

Q: Is the ATMS always able to recover my trades if the platform is closed or the computer crashes?

A: No.  Many it times it would, but not always, dependning on the reason the platform was closed.  In order for the recovery system to work however, you must run the ATMS on your default profile.



5. ATMS Settings

Q: Do I have to learn how to use ALL those iFT ATMS Pro settings in order to start placing trades with the iFT ATMS? it seems like there are a lot of settings....

A: No, you really don't have to.  The iFT ATMS Pro contains many settings and options that the user can change and control.  Many of them however are for more advance use of the product.  You can really start placing trades with the iFT ATMS Pro and benefit from it by using the default configuration "right out of the box".  We recommend however that you first practice with the iFT ATMS Pro on a demo account to get confortable with it.  Take the time to learn the iFT ATMS Pro in more detail by reading the iFT ATMS User Manual, and going through the online tutorials available in the Smartest-trading members area (login required).


Q: I installed the ATMS. It seems to be running, but I do not see the labels marking the take profit, stop lost and entry lines when I place the trade

A: Most likely you do not have the "Chart Shift" pressed.  Please make sure you press on the chart shift button (seen below) in the WealthTraderFX Pro.

Chart Shift

You would need to have the chart shift pressed on each of the windows running the iFT ATMS Pro.

Q: I am running multiple windows on the screen, and I don't want to have the chart shift pressed. Do I have another option to see the labels for the lines without having the chart shift pressed?

A: Yes.  In the iFT ATMS Pro expert advisor settings in section 'I', comment 12, change the LablesOnRight to false. This will cause the iFT ATMS to display the labels on the left side of the current bar, rather than on the right side of the current bar.

idispaly TP and SL lables


6. Trade Management

Q: Does the computer have to remain with the WealthTraderFX Pro running in order for the iFT ATMS Pro to manage a trade?

A: Yes. The iFT ATMS Pro is running on your local computer. It will not be able to move the stop loss of the trade unless it is running on your computer with an ACTIVE connection to the server.

Q: Does the iFT ATMS enters into trades automatically?

A: No.  The individual trader has to pick up the entries.  Once a trade is started by the user, the iFT ATMS manages the trade based on the specifications set by the user (or the default specifications if those were not changed by the user).

Q: Can I close part of the trade manually?

A: Yes. You can manually close part of the positions using the terminal window just like you would any orders in Meta-Trader4.  Once you do that, however, the ATMS Pro stops managing that particular position.  For example, lets say you have a TP2, BBB and SMA position, each with 0.04 lots.  If you then manually close 0.02 lots of the BBB position, the ATMS would continue to manage the TP2 and SMA positions, but it would NOT manage the remaining 0.02 lots of the BBB position.

Q: Can I add trailing stops to my positions?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I place multiple trades on the same currency pair using the iFT ATMS?

A: Yes.  In this version of the ATMS, you can only place one trade per chart.  However, you can have multiple charts of the same currency pair, each running an iFT ATMS, and start a trade on each of them.  Each instance of the iFT ATMS would be managing its trade independently of the others trades.


7. Error Messages

Q:  After I installed the ATMS, the WealthTrader FX Pro platform crashes as soon as I open it. What do I do?

A: Please update the WealthTraderFX Pro to a the latest version.  One of the older versions of the WealthTrader FX Pro had a bug in it, causing it to crash.

Q:  I got an "error" in red showing on my console. What can that mean?

A: When you place the trade, the ATMS will attempt to open your positions. If some of the positions exceed the lots available, the broker (e.g. WealthTraderPro server) will reject the order and the ATMS will report that to you. It will still try to open the rest of the positions for you. For example, if you have 0.05 lots left. If you have in the settings: TP1 and TP2 set to 0.02 lots each, BBB to 0.02 lots, and SMA to 0.01 lots, then when you start the trade: TP1 and TP2 will get filled. the BBB will not and give you an error (because by then you would have only 0.01 lot left), and then the SMA position would get filled.   For an example, see the chart below:




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