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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. It seems to me that I am getting too many alerts.  What should I do?

A:  1. consider turning off alerts on the 5, 15 and 30min charts.  Some of the iFundTraders professional traders (moderators) feel that the setups on the 1hr and 4hr have better chances to succeed in comparison to the setups on the earlier time-frames such as the 5min chart.

2. Adjust the default settings of the events.  The default settings are set to be aggressive reporting.  Try changing that to more conservative settings. For example on the VBS/VSS, change the number of bars required in the retracement from 2, to possibly 3 or 4.  As another example consider increasing the minimum size of the bars required in bull/bear elephant bar, consider increasing the size of the tails in the bottoming and topping tails, etc.

3. You may want to determine you trading directional bias on the higher time-frames, and then have the iSAP give you alerts only in that direction.

4. Consider turning off the alerts on some of the events you are not as interested in.


Q. How do I setup Meta-Trader 4 so I can get the email alerts?

A:  The ‘email tab’ under the WealthTrader FX Pro “Tools > Options” has to be filled-out correctly. The enable check box has to be selected. The SMTP server, SMTP login and password has to be filled out correctly. The From and To field has to be filled with the SMTP login account names (for example "me@yahoo.com". Once this is done, press on the “test” button, and make sure that the test email went through correctly. If not, consult with your email provider for your correct settings. 

Example email settings: (these examples do not signify endorsement of any email service, and are only brought here to serve as helpful examples):

For Yahoo email accounts: SMTP server= smtp.mail.yahoo.com.br:25

For Yahoo plus accounts: SMTP server= plus.smtp.mail.yahoo.com:587

For additional assistance with setting up your MT4 platform for email services, please contact the broker of the MT4 platform that you are using, and contact your email provider to get the settings required.

Q. Does the iSAP work on any MT4 (Meta-Trader4) platform?

A:  It should.  The iSAP has been tested and desiged specifically to work with the WealthTraderFX Pro platform, which is the platform we recommend using for the iSAP.  You can download the WealthTrader FX Pro platform and create a free account to use the iSAP on it, even if you place you trades on a different platform of a different broker.

Q. Is the iSAP a signal service?

A. No.  The iSAP identifies chart patterns that are taught and used by Oliver Velez and iFundTraders team of expert master traders.   However, the iSAP does not look at multiple other factors in order to determine if any given reportable event is actually a good trade entry or not.  When getting a reported event from the iSAP, it is up to each individual trader to evaluate the charts on multiple time frames, consider other cross pairs, consider news and multiple other factors and come to their own conclusion if the setup is consistant with  their trading plan, risk, and other factors, and ultimately if they want to take a trade. 

Q. I am getting it seems like a lot more alarms when I start the platform?

A. That's normal, as the iSAP does the scans on all the timeframes and reports all events, so there is an unusal higher number of alerts when you first start the platform. 

Q. I want to use the ATMS and iSAP on the EurUSD.  Can I put both the ATMS and the iSAP on the same chart?

A.  You need to open two charts of the EurUSD. On one of them you can put the iSAP and on the other chart you can put the ATMS.  You can not put them both on the same chart at the same time. But you can run them both at the same time on two different charts of the same currency pair.



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