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Try the iSAP FREE for 7 days

We are certain that once you try the iSAP, you would find it to be an invaluable tool just like other professional traders.

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Yes, I would like to get an absolutely FREE 7 day trial of the iSAP forex scanner.  If I decide I don't like the iSAP for any reason, I can just cancel my iSAP subscription during the trial period, no questions asked  (I can cancel automatically right here from Smartest-Trading website without need to call anyone) and never pay a penny.  If I don't cancel my iSAP subscription, at the completion of the FREE 7 day trial period, I would be charged $65 per month.  Please review our simple cancellation policy.
















Instructions for completing PayPal Subscription

Once you click on the "subscribe" button, you would be redirected to the PayPal log-in page.

Confirm that the description of the item is correct, and that the price is $0.00 for first 7 days. 

Enter your PayPal login email and password and press "Log In".



Once you login in your would see the "Review Your Payment" page.  Please review the different items, to make sure that all items match as you expect.



Once you have confirmed the items in the Payment Review page are correct, press on the "Agree" button (or if you change your mind, press on the "Cancel and Return to Smartest Trading Ltd" in the lower left corner of the screen.

You would then be redirected to our website where you would be presented with a payment confirmation and further details. You should also receive a confirmation email from PayPal, and you can always login to your PayPal account to confirm your subscription information. 

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